Say Hello to AMI

Key Features and Value Points of AMI (Assistive Motion Interface)

• Is plug n’ play and requires no download or third party applications to operate.
• Tracks without the need for markers, gloves, rings, or arm bands.
• Recognizes single and double click hand gestures.
• Is equipped with speed and sensitivity controls similar to what one finds with a standard USB mouse in their control panel.
• Operates on a horizontal plane so that the user may control it from varying distances.
• Works outdoors and indoors.
• Is as fast, and in some cases more so, than a desktop mouse.
• Is compatible with any device that recognizes a PS/2 or USB mouse.
• Requires a standard video feed making it a cost effective embedded solution.
• Can be programmed to recognize custom gesture commands that apply to different end user requirements such as turning appliances off and on, for example.
• Can generate and send motion capture data to be analyzed by third party applications.