Introducing AMI

AMI (Assistive Motion Interface) is an alternate solution to the standard computer mouse for people who cannot use or have limited use when controlling a computer or for those who are simply looking for an alternate way to interact with their computers. AMI tracks the natural movements of either the hand, head, elbow, or finger(s) and processes that motion data to control the computer mouse pointer in real time, so that as the user moves so too does the mouse pointer.

Our Team

CTO and Co-founder
Eric Dluhos

Eric Dluhos is a graduate of NEC-RETS with a two year degree in Elelectrical Engineering Technology. He was awarded the Bernard Lenehan Scholorship co-offered by

CTO and Co-founder
Business Development & Co-founder
Brad Wilk

Brad Wilk leads Holoneer’s efforts to bring AMI to the market. Before Holoneer, Brad founded and operated three successful businesses in real estate, pet daycare,

Business Development & Co-founder
Product Manager

Windsor Lindor was the Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of Technology at Onyx Spectrum, Inc and as an IT Consultant, Windsor managed large IT

Product Manager



If you would like AMI to help you control your computer in a fun and easy way, then please contact us. We will then reach out to you to let you know how to get started with AMI.

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